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China sourcing is safe with the right precautions

Category: Blog; Updated: 2018-07-20 19:37:07; Views: 316

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Fears about scams and intellectual property infringement are common concerns and not without reason, but Mike Bellamy, a long-time China sourcer and founder of PassageMaker, said these fears are unnecessary with a few precautions.

"I've made lots of mistakes during my 15 years, and I'm crazy enough to tell you about my mistakes so hopefully you won't fall into the same pitfalls," Bellamy told an audience of buyers on October 21, the last day of the Mobile Electronics Fair.

The three most important things to consider, he said, are finding the right supplier, auditing the factories and ensuring the names on bank accounts and buildings match the name of the company.

Buyers should not settle on a deal while thinking,

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