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Knitwear inline inspection:

2. The on-site checking procedures for soft-line product inspections are as follows:

  • Color differences and shifting
  • Stitches
  • Measurements & size checks
  • Rub tests, wash tests, seam tests etc.
  • Fabric defects checking
  • Stains, moulds, odor and insects
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs etc.
  • Packaging, logos, labels and markings etc.
  • Order specs
  • Thread ends
  • Special requirements & on-site testing
knitwear inline inspection

As an example, the quality inspection protocols would normally like this:

check the smell of product/filling is bad smell? N/A
Color shading check: 1. Takes 100% of the inspected pcs place it side by side as described on the attached picture and identify the different dye lots. 2. check for shading within the same garment “sleeves, front-back, up-bottom, collar, legs” -If different dye lot found rate the shading with grey scale (minimum 4/5 acceptable)-II FAILED
Seaming strength test by hand in normal force FAILED
Check the Care label content and symbols-1pc for each size each reference,the content match with the client’s requirement and fabric composition. PASSED
How many stitches per inch N/A
Rub test for marking or printing: check the marking by rubbing lightly for 15s with fabric soaked with petroleum spirit, or 95% alcohol. PASSED
symmetric check - check if the right/left leg, sleeves, pocket design are symmetric - check if the garment twist and measure the difference if found- PASSED
Check how the garments are folded and show finished folded dimensions of the garment--Check once only PASSED
Folded dimension of the garment N/A
Needle Damage check
- Pull the seams by hand in toughly force and check if there is any needle holes caused by the needle machine
- perform this test on all the seams -double check and take a pictures especially for” waistband, leg hem, pocket seam, front and back rise...”
-If the needle damage holes were found, then the sample size increase to S4 record how many pcs with needle damage were found from the sample size S3
Rub test/color fastness test for fabric: use white cotton cloth to rub the fabric. 10 time on a 10cm distance with a Normal force 1 piece per color to be checked with both dry and, wet fabric.-No color transfer greater than 4 on a grey scale (between the original white cloth and the colored one) for dry test No color PASSED
Zipper test - pull through the rivets/zipper/ Velcro and snap it should be resistant-The zip should lock when it closed - The zip should not open

from the middle - the stress should be focus on the bartack-20 pcs

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