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Oven Stove Furnace Cooking Gas Electric Baking Kitchen AQL inspection:

We offer onsite quality QC check inspection services to baking ovens, gas stoves, furnaces and other cooking kitchen equipment. The inline check methods will be:

A. Quantity check OK
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Label, logos and colors OK
D. Styles & measurements OK
E. Onsite safety and function tests OK
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual defects)

Below are some of the common types of pre-shipment inspection for ovens, furnace, stoves etc.:

Oven Stove Furnace Cooking Gas Electric Baking Kitchen AQL inspection

A common checklist for quality onsite inspection for ovens:

Perform a pull test for power cord-S1
pull on the cord for 25time in 1 minute. If the product has a net weight, 4kgs, use a force of 100N- The cord should not be displaced more than 2mm.
Noted: Before starting the test, you should pull the cord several times to make sure that no rolled cord inside the product.
Perform a microwave radiation emission test.-II
The result should be less than 5mw/cm2 at any point 5mm from microwave.
Perform a Hi-pot test.-II
According to UL2111 or EN60335-1:
- Less than 250v operated motors 0.5hp or less->1000V for 60S.
- More than 250V operated motors or more than 0.5HP->1000+2Va for 60S
For less than 250V operated motors 1250/1750/3000V for60s according to the insulation (basic, supplementary, reinforced.)
Take clear pictures for following information: AC/DC socket, Requested voltage and calibration label
Check the temperature at the minimum and maximum settings.-S1
Record the actual results
Perform an earth continuity test if applicable. -II
The result of test should be <0.1ohm.
Test the function of the turntray, if test model has a turntray.-II PASSED
Perform a life/endurance test for functions other than microwave.-S1
No overheating or other problem observed.
Perform a stability test -S2
Perform the test on a surface inclined 10 degrees. please take clear picture to show that the product is in the most unfavourable position on the inclined plane.
Test all detailed functions according the instruction manual of the item's box.-II N/A
Perform an internal check.-S1
According to the BOM provided by client.
a/ take all related picture to show each main component and prepare a list of them.
b/ Check and show the quality of welding.
c/ If the earth pin or any pin is not cinnected to wire; fail the test and put important remark.
Check the design of product to see effect.-S1
If the door is open, the magnetron can't work.
Check the power usage (ie.: wattage).-S2 N/A
Perform a fatigue test for door and all adjustable parts.-S2
20 movements

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