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  • Aug 18, 19
  • FQA

Fabric quality Inspection: 4 point system

The standard for Fabric inspection (textile inspection) is mostly 4 point system:

This system is mostly used in textile industry around the globe now. This method describes a procedure and standard to establish a numerical designation for grading of fabrics from a visual inspection.

It may be used for the delivery and acceptance of fabric with requirements mutually agreed upon by the buy and the supplier. This system does not establish a quality level for a given product, but rather provides a means of defining defects according to their severity by assigning demerit point values. All type of fabrics whether grey or finished, can be graded by this system.

Defect Demerit Point

Length of defect

Demerit Points

3 inches or less


Over 3 inches but not over 6 inches


Over 6 inches but not over 9 inches


Over 9 inches


1. No running yard shall be penalized more than 4 points for warp and weft defects.
2. For Fabric width exceeding 64"-66", Maximum penalty points can be increased above 4 per linear yard in proportion to the width.
3. Defects appearing within one inch of either edge shall be disregarded.
4. Any hole other than a pin hole shall be considered a major defect and assigned 4 points for penalty.
1. Linear Yard basis:
Acceptable tolerance=20 points per 100 linear yard
2. Square yard basis:
Points/100 sq. yd= Total Points scored in the bulk X 100 X 36
                            Width of the roll(inch) X total yds inspected

Acceptable tolerance=

a. 28 points per 100 sq. yd. for each individual roll.

b. 20 points per 100 sq.yd. for average of rolls inspected.

1st Quality: Penalty points not exceed the acceptable tolerance.

2nd Quality: Penalty points exceed the acceptable tolerance.