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As a Third Party Inspection company, we offer on-site Quality Inspections servicse in Asia for FBA shipments for in-line sellers in Amazom, Ebay etc

Most of the inspections are Final Random Inspection before shipping according to AQL standards, to make sure the goods are acceptable in quality.

The FBA inspection will normally check as follows:

  • Packing are correct and suitable for long distance transit.
  • Quantities of each items
  • Labels & markings, Logos check (Including FBA stickers and labels)
  • On-site functions check and testing according to the products
  • Aesthetic, surface and function check (Workmanship)
  • Measurements and Weiight checks
  • Product specs and special requirements

Please find below for a example of the checklist of shipping marks of Amazon FBA Shipment Quality Pre-shipment Inspections:

B1.Shipping Marks and Packaging Result
- Was the condition of master/inner carton good? OK
- Was the content/ printing of shipping marks right? Not OK
- Was the special customer requirements correct? OK
- Was the wordings/graphic correct? OK
- No ply-wood is to be used in the construction of shipping cartons or pallets. N/A
- All openings of transport cartons should be sealed - “H” type of seal to be used in all cases. OK
- Do the cartons’ layers conform to the client's spec.? OK
- Products are perfectly fitted in the carton:(no over-packed, no gap, no crash are allowed) OK
- Does the sealing method for cartons conform to the client's spec.? OK
- Carton UPC barcode label(Must be readable) OK
- Use metal strap or plastic strap?  metal strap   plastic strap   no strap
- Sealing method staples   adhesive   plastic band   metal band
- What is the number of corrugated layers on carton?
(1 corrugated layer=3ply);
Single Wall Corrugated(3 ply)   Double Wall Corrugated(5 ply)

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