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Theare are lots of footwear factories in Zhongshan, Dongguan, Putian Quanzhou etc. also other textile products.

The sandals inspection onsite will commonly check as per below lists:

A. Quantity verify OK
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Labels, logos and colors OK
D. Styles & measurements OK
E. Onsite safety and function tests OK
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual inspections)

For footwear inspection, there are:

footwear pre-shipment inspection

An examples of a footwear inspection checklist fyi:

Test description Findings Result
Heel flex test On 8 pairs Passed
Nails and sharp component check On all samples Passed
Production Process Check No staple Passed
Sole bond test On 8 pairs Passed
Assortment Check
- Check Pairage against the packing list printed on side of carton and total quantity of order to be confirmed
Same as printing on carton mark Passed
Back Seam Check
- Back seam or back strap/panel to be straight and centered
Do not fail this test.
Just need to remark in red and record all defects in the defectives list.
On all samples Failed
Pull test
Pull on zips, buckles, trims, shoelaces, snaps, Velcro, buttons… If no pull gauge, you must pull them by hand.
The tongue was stitched Passed
Packing Check
- All footwear to be packed in polybags separated by cardboard partitioning (egg pack)
Refer to pictures below Passed
Hanger Check
- Hanger type and quantity as per purchase order requirements
No hanger N.A
Barcode scanning test and price check as per purchase order Refer to pictures below Failed
Smell test On 8 pairs Passed
Rub test / color fastness test On 8 pairs
Wear test or fitting test:
Put on your size shoes with sock liners;...
No model N.A
Creases Check
Put your hands inside the shoe to check for proper counter shape, wrinkles, and a smooth surface in the lining area.
On all samples Failed
Sockliner check: On all samples Passed
1. Check the sock fit well with shoe. It should not be too big or small result in not fit with the shoe (wrinkles on sock or gap between sock and heel or toe). On all samples Passed
2. Socks must be firmly attached from seat to toe (or the whole sock must be firmly attached), and sock must not lift on all Mr. Price footwear. Not applicable N.A
3. If any of shoes not comply with above standard, please also count them as Major issue besides failing the test. Not applicable N.A
Label attachment:
- This test is for products with labels sewed on the sock or lining.
Not applicable N.A
Seat piece strength/ position
Check the strength of the adhesive used.
Check also the position of the seat filler “uniform position”
Not applicable N.A
Toe Post Pulling Test

If no pull gauge, you must pull them by hand.

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