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For soft lines product quality pre-shipment inspections like garment, apparel, fabric textile products, lady dress, wedding dress, undergarment, lingorie, and garment accessories etc. the inspection procedures:

  • Color differences and shifting
  • Customer's specs
  • Special requirements & on-site testing
  • Stain, mould, odor and insects
  • Rub test
  • Stitches
  • Measurements
  • Thread ends
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs
  • Fabric defects checking
  • Packaging, labels and markings
garment quality QC Check

A random example of a onsite testing for Garment and Apparel, Lady Dress inspection:

E.TESTS AND FUNCTION CHECKED Comments from Inspector Result
Perform a carton drop test on the export cartons? (carried out on 3 cartons according to ISTA 1A procedure): No Passed
Barcode scanning Test-The barcode must match the client’s specifications. It should be scannable and have the correct number-S2 On 8pcs Passed 
Fitting check on a model or a doll--3 pcs  Passed 
Observation of mould-The item should not have mold or any offensive or strong odor-II  On all sample size Passed 
1.Rub test on all marking or printing. Check ...the item, rub the marking/printing for a further 15 seconds with a piece of cloth soaked in petroleum spirits. If petroleum spirits is not available, use 95 lcohol. Expected result: After the test, the marking should be legible, the label(s) should not be easily removed or show any curling-S1
2.Rub test to check the color fastness of the fabric (including the lining) and all the accessories. Use a white cotton cloth to rub the material. Rub the item 10 times over a 10 cm distance with a force of 9N (1kg). Test 1 piece per color with both .... There should be no color transfer greater than 3-4 on a grey scale (between the original white cloth and the colored one) after the wet test--S1
On 5pcs Passed
*S*: Needle detecting test without metal button or decoration-All samples should pass-II  Test not applicable because of
factory can’t supply a needlef
detecting machine.
Fatigue test for all adjustable parts found (i.e., zippers, velcro and snaps). Do this 20 times--20 pcs  On 20pcs Passed 
Compare the item with the approval sample or technical files (compare all aspects of the...MADE ON BOTH 1ST FIT AND
SENT -3 pcs 
Left one is approval sample Lining- Left one is approval sample
Tag- Left one is approval sample carlbel- Left one is approval sample
Left one is approval sample Lining- Left one is approval sample
Left one is approval sample Iron shot - Left one is approval sample
Left one is approval sample Lining- Left one is approval sample
Fitting check on a model or a doll--S1 (5 Pcs) Passed

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