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Flooring quality assurance

Please find below for an example checklist for Laminated Flooring pre-shipment inspection:

Perform a rub test and an adhesive test-Perform the rub and adhesive test on all of printing, marking and logo found on the product: Use alcohol if petroleum spirits is not available for rub test; Use 3M tape for the adhesive test on the silk-screening and painting. -S2  Checked on 8pcs  PASSED 
Test all detailed functions according to the instruction manual or listed on the gift box-II  Please refer to the pictures below  PASSED 
Fatigue test for all adjustable parts –S2
(20times at least) 
Checked on 8pcs 20times  PASSED 
Wobble test by placing unit on the flat or glass surface-II  Please refer to the pictures below  PASSED 
Perform quantity and assortment check in each package –S2  Please refer to the pictures below  PASSED 
Perform assembly test according the manual instruction step by step.-S2  Please refer to the pictures below  PASSED 
Fitting check –II   Please refer to the pictures below  PASSED 
All dimension must be complied with the description of the gift box or color label  Please refer to the measurements chart  Actual finding  
Please check:
- Packaging… carton and label artwork
- Plank Dimensions
- Locking Feature
- SKU Appearance… matching product to approved samples
- Order Matching… the supplier intends to ship exactly what we have ordered (quantities, etc…)
Please refer to the par 2 ‘products status’ and par 3’ packing and marking’   Actual finding 

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