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The quality preshipment inspections for TV sets, computer monitors, displays, freezers, fridges, coolers, and air conditioners mostly will be done as follows:

  • Product specs, and special requirements check
  • On-site safety, regulation & function testing
  • Quantity & assortment verifying
  • Aesthetic, visual defects, workmanship, surface and function check
  • Labels, markings, logos & barcodes check
  • Packaging, safety and drop tests
  • Measurements & sizes check
TV set quality inspection

For reference only, a special tests list for our on-site TV set quality inspections:

Perform a barcode-scanning test-The barcode should be scannable and have the correct number; make sure that that the correct barcode is on the correct product. (no mixed barcode for each reference)-S2 PASSED
Perform a rub test and an adhesive test-Perform the rub and adhesive test on all of printing, marking and logo found on the product: Use alcohol if petroleum spirits is not available for rub test; Use 3M tape for the adhesive test on the silk-screening and painting. -S2 PASSED
Check to see that there is a serial number on each TV (back of unit) and this matches the serial number on the box. Record the range of serial numbers in each batch-Serial number exists and matches. Details of range of serial numbers in each batch and Serial No. barcode can be scanned.-S3 (13 Pcs)  PASSED
Remote control functions properly and all buttons perform the functions that they are labeled as.-Remote control functions perfectly as labelled.-S3 (13Pcs) The remote control function check is ok. PASSED
Make sure there is no sound distortion or speaker vibration when the Volume is 100 (Maximum level)-No speaker vibration and sound distortion. Take photos of test.-S2  No sound distortion and speaker vibration found PASSED
Ensure that the USB and can play movies, music, picture files-USB plays video, music, picture files.-S2 (8 Pcs) N/A
Ensure that the USB can record TV. Ensure that the USB input on each TV can playback of avi, divx, mkv and xvid video files in 1080p and 720p resolution..-USB PVR records and playback avi, divx, mkv and xvid video files in 1080p and 720p resolution.-S2 N/A
TV stands straight on the stand and not tilted, Test that the stand does not break when the TV screen is moved left or right or forwards or backwards.-The TV is not tilted. The stand does not break when the panel is moved left or right or forwards or backwards.-S2  N/A
Open one of each TV model and take High-resolution photos of each component and part used in the TV. These photos will then need to be emailed to the brand and logo, or shows email address on the screen-S1/3pcs Actual finding 
Check EDID information when connecting to laptop.-Display name must show ‘customer logo TV’ when connected to Laptop. Show photo. -S2 (8 Pcs)  PASSED
Test all source/input options on the TV are working properly. Run each model of TV for 2 hours.-All source/input options work. There are no screen issues after using the TVs for 2 hours.-S2 (8 Pcs)  The running test for 2 hours PASSED
Take photos showing VGA resolution for each and every model. Take photos of the speaker and panel label-The VGA resolution is 1080p and there is no overscanning. The photos of speaker and panel label needs to be included in the report. The photos of speaker needs to be taken from side, front and back.-S2  Actual finding
Check if DVD open logo, while if DVD is free zone setting.-S2  N/A
Shall be check with version of plug and power supply with valid CE certification  No CE on plug and power cord and UL/CUL mark printed on power cord.
No UL/CUL certificate was provided for validation.
Actual finding
Perform a function test.-All inspection procedures and specifications will according to client’s requirement included: golden sample, packing requirement, Product specification, Inspection Protocol, Instruction manual, etc-S3 (13Pcs) PASSED
Perform a Hi-pot test on the item.-After hi-pot test, the item should not break down.  The hi-pot test is ok.  PASSED
Take clear pictures for following information: AC/DC socket, Requested voltage and calibration label-S3 (13Pcs) PASSED
Perform a pull test on the item’s power cord.  -Pull on the cord for 25 seconds, one second per pull.  If the power cord has a net weight <= 1kg, use a force of 30N.  If the cord has a net weight 1kg >&<= 4kg, use a force of 60N.  If the cord has a net weight > 4 kg, use a force of 100N. - The power cord should not be displaced more than 2mm by the pull test.- (3 Pcs) PASSED

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