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The USB Flash Drives, Cell phones, Mobile Phones, Computer Peripherals, Tablet PC, Notebooks, Laptops, Bluetooth Earphone, Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Headsets, Bluetooth Speakers, Ipad Ipod Iphone Accessories are mostly from Shenzhen and Dongguan or the adjacent cities. There we perform the quality pre-shipment inspections according to:

  1. Quantity check
  2. Packing inspections: assortment, carton sealing, tapings, shipping marks, gift boxes and wrappings etc.
  3. Labels, SKUs, Barcodes, Logos
  4. Measurements, sizes, and weights
  5. Colours and assemblies
  6. Function & safety on-site testings
  7. Visual defects: Critical Defects, Major Defects, Minor Defects
  8. Special requirements & attentions etc.
shenzhen inspection

As a random example, below is a quality inspection checklist for Laptops/Tablet PC on-site inspections:

Check basic operation.-Make sure the PC can work properly:
-Start up
-Tablet function
- Default program launch
-Shut down-II
Check computer configuration (Internal check)-Based on critical component list provided (BOM)-S1  PASSED
Perform a power input test-As per rated power-II PASSED
*S* Perform an Hi-pot test for adaptor-According to EN 60335-1 standard: 60s at below voltage according to insulation: - 1250V for basic insulation -1750V for supplementary insulation - 3000V for reinforced insulation. Take clear pictures for following information: AC/DC socket, Requested voltage and calibration label-II PASSED
Perform an accessories check-No missing item-II PASSED
Make sure the PC can work properly (Perform Start up - Default program launch - Shut down).--S2 N/A
*S* Perform a pulling test for main supply cable-60N for 1 min: no displacement greater than 2mm and no breakage allowed.-S1 N/A
Perform a battery check:
/ Voltage / Polarity / Capacity check/ Voltage as per rating / Polarity as per specifications/Capacity to be checked by running charge and discharge test and record the related curves-S1
Perform a fatigue test for keyboard/tablet and locker (if any)--S1 PASSED
Perform a continuous running test.-Load PC with software and/or movie reading to reach full load for 4 hours.-S1 PASSED
Perform a rub and adhesive test on printing and marking
-For rub test: The durability of the marking is checked by trying to remove it by rubbing lightly for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with water and, after drying, for a further 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with petroleum spirit/ if the spirit not available, use the 95% alcohol. Expected result: After the test, the marking shall be legible, marking labels shall not be easily removable and they shall show no curling.-S1
Check screen display quality.
- Maximum definition allowed : as per client specifications
- Dead pixel check : only 1 dead pixel allowed (to be reported if found though in defect list)-II
Perform the assembly check if applicable.-S1 FAILED
Perform a basic software check-Check software installation, webcam, WiFi, USB connections, DVD-ROM, etc. -S1 FAILED

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