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Preshipment Inspection > for Seasonal Christmas Tree Gift Present Figurine Halloween Costumes Xmas Decoratives Decorations Cards

What kinds of On-site Third party Inspections available for Seasonal Products like Christmas decorative Decorations, Xmas Trees, Seasonal Gifts, Toys, Seasonal cards, Halloween Costumes etc.:

The Inspectors will also check the Quantity of each style / item, packing cartons, shipping marks, labels, logos, barcodes, onsite functions & safety tests (as below), Sizes & Measurements, Colours, and viusual defects examinations.

Christmas tree quality assurance

A random examples of a checklist for Xmas Trees:

Perform a function test –II
Perform hi-pot test
Internal check –taking photo for all the component and list the CDF chart which should be complied with spec
Perform consumption test
Conduct a push test on bulb holder with a force of 15N to each wire then 30N to 2 wires together .All for 1 min .After test the wires should not move more than 8mm
The bulb should not be pull out with force less than 3N,if the bulb need more than 10N to pull out ,a bulb mover is required
Perform stability test for the X-max tree for 6 degree ,all tips should expanded properly.
Life test during the whole inspection period

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