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Shandong and Hebei are famous for their Steel Products, mostly building construction steels, and some chemical product, there is some luggage, hand bags, backpacks in Baoding Hebei. Ferrite spheroidal graphite cast iron and Construction nets in Cangzhou, Steel Bar, Steel Coil in Shandong etc.

The Onsite Inspections will check the products as follows:

  • The product labels, markings, Logos and Shipping marks
  • The order quantity vs the finished, packed quantity of each styles
  • Product specs and your requirements
  • The tests and instructions that can be done on-site
  • Measurements and Size
  • Aesthetic, surface and function check
  • Packaging method, safety check
Langfang quality assurance

Example of an AQL checklist:

Sample size Maximum Allowed Total Defectives Result Notes
CRI: 200 0 0 Within AQL
MAJ: 200 10 3 Within AQL
MIN: 200 14 6 Within AQL

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