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The quality inspection checklist for such products like Leather Pouches, Leather Wallets, Leather Wallets, Leather Case, Silicone Pouches, Silicone Wallets, Silicone Cases, Silicone Housing, PU bags, PU Wallet, PU Housing are usually:

  • Color differences and shifting
  • Thread ends
  • Stain, mould, odor and insects
  • Stitches
  • Rub test
  • Packaging, labels and markings
  • Fabric defects checking
  • Special requirements & on-site testing
  • Customer's specs
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs
  • Measurements
jewelry pouch quality assurance

How to do on-site tests for such Leather Producs, Silicone Products, and PU Products during the in-line inspections?

1. Pull on all metal parts attached to the bag and handle (look, ring, etc.)
2. Check the seam strength on each part/pocket, especially on the handle or shoulder strap.-II

The importer information label must not be modified either by hand or by extra sticker. -II

Count and record the number of stitches per inch. - S1

Chek the item for any strong or offensive odors.-II
The bags must not have strong or bad smell.

Measure the length of the handle, perform a handle fixed position check. -S2
Lift bag handles to check whether the bag is balance horizontally.
The handle fixed positions are symmetrical along the middle axis of the bag. Tolerance+/-0.5cm each side

Fatigue test for all adjustable parts found on each of the sample (i.e., zipper, velcro and snaps.)
- 20pcs

1. Color shading check within the same piece: put the same color parts side and identify the different dye lot.
2. Color shading check among all of the inspected pieces: place them side by side as per picture: color shading check attached" and identify the different dye lot. if you don't have a grey scale, please print the grey scale of emergency. -II

Printing/edge painting check-II
Check if painting uneven, crack, peel off.

Perform a function test/Assembly test/fitting check for all items (card etc.) if applicable.
Perform a loading test -S2
- Make sure that all the elements included in the bag or pouch fits correctly at the right place.
- Use 5kgs if applicable or 1.5 times the nominal weight if the carrying capacity of the bag is less than 5kgs.

Compare with approval sample and technical files/spec. including bag shape, material/color of fabric, accessories, glue, hangtag/labels/packing, logo/markings, workmanship & sewing construction , washing effect, hand fee.-- 2pcs per color.

Check the binding -II
The binding webbing should wrap the panel tight, no empty spare inside the webbing.

Check bags with tube in handle- if available.-II
- No tube goes out of the handle.
- finishing of seam at the extremity is strong enough.
- tubes are cut properly.

Check the quality and appearance of the clear plastic card holder pocket if included in this model. especially check the quality of the cutting on the holder, and fitting check for all items (card etc.) -S2

check the smell of product/filling is bad smell?

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