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Preshipment Inspection > Power tool in Jiangsu Zhejiang Wuxi Shanghai for Drill Cutter Screw Driver Polisher

The Product Quality Pre-shipment Inspections for Power Tools, Power Drills, Cement Mixers, Concrete Cutters, Glass Cutters, Grinders, Hammers, Polishers, and Hammers etc.:

  • A. Quantity & assortment check
  • B. Shipping marks & packing
  • C. Labels, logos and colors
  • D. Styles & measurements
  • E. Onsite safety and function tests
  • F. Special requirements
  • G. AQL workmanship
    (Visual inspections)

The onsite quality check for power tools we have:

Power tool inspections

The quality inspections for power tools will be like below:

PLUG& Power Cord view-S2 PASSED
.Perform a carton drop test on the export cartons:10 times(1 corner 3 edges 6 faces)
The Carton should fall down At 61cm height without damage-S1
Perform a strength check.-Test all connections using normal force.-II PASSED
Run the test work for 4 hour ----S2 PASSED
No load speed:(额定电压的空载转度)—S2 N/A
Leakage current test--II FAILED
Perform a rub test for printing and marking ; Adhesive test for coating if applicable-For rub test: The durability of the marking is checked by trying to remove it by rubbing lightly for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with water and, after drying, for a further 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with petroleum spirit; if the spirit not availabel, use the 95% alcohol - After the test, the marking shall be legible, marking labels shall not be easily removable andthey shall show no curling. FAILED
Serial no(此批产品的序列号) PASSED
Perform the standard power test-II. PASSED
Perform an assembly test. PASSED
Perform an internal check.-
the marking on all critical components-All Internal wiring should be routed to provide sufficient creep age and clearance distances and to so as to avoid damage to the insulation.
All screws should be found, they should be fully tightened
and with no damage to the screw heads. request at least one picture to show the whole construction of product-S1
Perform a voltage range test -II (额定电压的+-10%) PASSED
Check if the base of the item wobbles by placing it on a flat, glass surface--II PASSED
Perform a barcode –scanning test .The barcode should be scannable and have the correct number for all barcode label. (-S3) FAILED
Disc Size(打磨刀片尺寸) PASSED
Power cable Size 4m for all item-S2 PASSED
Perform a fatigue test for all adjustable parts:
Do this 20 times for assemble and sand paper on tool head –
There should be no damage to the item. ----S2
Pull testing(60N) for Power cord test. -S2 N/A
Perform a normal function test. .-II PASSED
Perform a Hi-pot testing -II PASSED
Smell check-check if there are any strong offensive odor-II N/A
Power consumption test-The voltage input should be the same as rating voltage in rating label, otherwise the result of power
consumption will not be accurate--II
Application testing and Real function test-S1 FAILED
perform quantity and assortment check in each package--S1 PASSED
For 3M tape adhesive test: perform test on coating (painting/plating/ screen printing, etc) with 3M tape.-S2 PASSED

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