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We offer 3rd party quality inspection services for party products like: Balloons, Fireworks, Contettis, Poppers, Photo Frames, Mirrows, Cannon Shooters, Party Decorative Decorations, the inspection will generally check:

  • Measurements & sizes check
  • Aesthetic, visual defects, workmanship, surface and function check
  • Labels, markings, logos & barcodes check
  • On-site safety, regulation & function testing
  • Quantity & assortment verifying
  • Product specs, and special requirements check
  • Packaging, safety and drop tests
party product inspection

For examples, below is an on-site test list for a glass bottles:

Check carton mark descriptions.  OK
Carton drop test- 1 carton each item
One corner, three edges, six sides, at height of
30inch (﹤9.5kg)
24inch (9.5kg~18.6kg)
18inch (18.6kg~27.7kg)
12inch (27.7kg~45.3kg)
8inch (45.3kg~68kg) on the cement floor
Not OK
check the smell of product/filling is bad smell? No Fillings N/A
Do tape test on all inside and outside coatings.  -S2 OK
Use white tissue or bright light to check for coating defectives. 
Do hot water test for glass  Not OK
To report on 6 random samples for : diameter, height, fill volume and weight.   Not OK
Do leak test for bottles 6 samples.  OK
On decoration important quality criteria are spray defects, color variations from item to item and also in the same item from top to bottom or from side to side. OK
Fitting check OK
Perform quantity and assortment check in each package OK
Wobble test-II
- Place samples onto a flat glass surface, no wobble.

3rd preshipment products goods factory onsite inline final Random AQL PSI TPI FRI DUPRO third on-site in-line pre-shipment QA QC check quality control assurance inspection services in China India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Taiwan.