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Listed below is part of a working instructions for Watches Quality Inspections:

1. Scope
This document specifies the general quality requirements for the category of watch &
clock. It is used as a general guideline for inspection if clients have not defined their

2. Inspection Criteria of Product/Package:
2.1 Product:
☆ Must be without any unsafe defect for using;
☆ Should be free of damaged, broken, scratch, crackle etc. Cosmetic/Aesthetics
☆ Must be conform to the shipping market legal regulation/client’s requirement;
☆ The construction, appearance, cosmetics and material of all units should comply
with client’s requirement/approved samples;
☆ All units should have full function complying with client’s
requirement/approved samples;
☆ The marking/label on unit should be legal and clear.

2.2 Package:
☆ All units will be adequately packaged, and constructed from suitably robust
materials, such that it arrives in store in a merchantable condition;
☆ The packaging material can protect the goods form damage during
☆ The shipping mark, bar code, label (such as price label), should conform to
client’s spec. and/or approved samples;
☆ The package should comply to client’s requirement/approved samples;
☆ Text of illustration, instruction, label and warning statement etc. must be clearly
printed in user’s language;
☆ The illustration and instruction on the packaging must conform to the product
and its actual performance.
☆ The method and material of pallet/crate etc. should be approved by client.

timepiece inspections

An example of third party pre-shipment inspection for finished watches:

Time accuaracy: acceptable tolerance: +/-60sec/month FAILED
Alarm and Snooze function test if applicable: tolerance: +/-5min - S2 (22) PASSED
Product Fitness Test - II (23) PASSED
Water proof Test if applicable - S2 (24) PASSED
Rub test and Adhesive Test for all printing, marking and logo. - S2 (25) PASSED
Fatigue Test for All adjutable parts:20times - S2 (38) PASSED
Battery Check: Voltage, Fitness and Polarity - S2 (40) N/A
Check the location of hand. Hands should be aligned at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 clock - S2 (41) PASSED
Reliability Test: sample size:S-4, continual operation during inspection period - S4 (42) PASSED

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