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In furniture pre-shipment inspections for such products like: Wheelchair, Sofa, Bed, Park Bench, Office Chair, Office furniture, Patio Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Wooden Products, Rattan Chairs, Massager, and Couch etc, the inspection will still be focusing on checking:

  • Quantity of each style of the whole shipment;
  • Packing (packing methods, shipping marks, barcodes, protections, packing size and gross weight etc.);
  • Product check (sizes, measurements, colors, logo, printing, accessories, assembly etc.);
  • Onsite Test (to below followed next);
  • Visual defects (if they are within allowed limits);
Furniture Inspection

An example of the on-site Tests during the furniture Quality inspections:

  • Assembly check
    - Follow product instruction and ease for assembly- 2pcs per item
  • Humidity check-S1
    -Check 3 points per pc and take the average data :(a+b+c)/3.
    For indoor products shall be within 7%-12%;
    For outdoor products shall be within 8%-14%
  • Static loading test for chair-S1
    - 300lbs per seating for 1 hour. No obvious deformation
  • Stability test- 2pcs per item
    - Put unit onto a 10 degree incline, and rotate 360° slowly, cannot tip over.
  • Wobble test-II
    - Place samples onto a flat glass surface, no wobble.
  • Finger Entrapment (if applicable).-S1
    - The acceptable safety space should smaller than 1/4 inch or bigger than 1/2 inch. Then the finger will not be harmed.
  • Leg Strength (Front / Side).- S1
    - 75 lbs. applied to the leg at 1 In. From the end of the leg. Force is applied in four directions (forward, rearward, side and side).
  • Durability Of Folding Mechanism (If Applicable)-S1
    - The chair shall be opened and closed as intended for 3 cycles.
  • All accessories check-II
    - Based on parts list on instruction sheet, no missing.
  • Carton drop test- 1 carton each item
    One corner, three edges, six sides, at height of
    30inch (﹤9.5kg)
    24inch (9.5kg~18.6kg)
    18inch (18.6kg~27.7kg)
    12inch (27.7kg~45.3kg)
    8inch (45.3kg~68kg) on the cement floor
  • Loading check-S1
    - Test load is applied distributed on the surface. Test load based on sq. ft. not to exceed 200 lbs.
    > 4 sq. ft., 10lbs. / sq. ft.;
    < 4sq. ft., 20lbs. / sq. ft.
    Max. 1/4 in deformation or no malfunction in any component
  • Stability test-S1
    - Test load is applied 1 In. from the edge on 12 In. disc.
    > 4 sq. ft., 50lbs.
    < 4sq. ft., 40lbs.
    Max. 1/4 in deformation or no malfunction in any component.
  • Drop Impact Test (for table)-S1
    - One end of table is dropped from a height of 10 In.

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