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What are third party quality pre-shipment inspections for Plush Toys, Pet Toys, legos, Garlands, Action Figures, Wrist Bands, and Air Inflatables etcs.? The on-site QC inspectors will visit the factories and check as follows:

  • Fabric defects checking
  • Measurements
  • Stitches
  • Rub test
  • Color differences and shifting
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs
  • Packaging, labels and markings
  • Thread ends
  • Customer's specs
  • Special requirements & on-site testing
  • Stain, mould, odor and insects
plush toy quality inspections

As an example, below is one of our on-site inspection checklist for a Plush Toys:

Function test according to the purpose & on the gift box claimed  PASSED
Pull Test on small parts (if the toys is designed for children under 3 years) 90N for 1 min, no breakage allowed PASSED
Perform fatigue test for all adjustable parts N/A
Perform a pull test (for plush toy only)- Test any small, rigid parts such as: eyes, nose, pom-pom, label, etc (if designed for children under 3 years old). If the part is >6 mm thick, use 90N of force. If the part is <= 6 mm thick, use 50 N of force.-S2 N/A
Pull test on seam Apply 70N onto the seam gradually within a period of 5 sec; maintain this force for 10 sec Test Requirement: The test sample must withstand the defined force for the defined period N/A
Metal detection check N/A
Compare mass product with approved sample and the requirement in the attachment. N/A
Stuffing material cleanness check if applicable FAILED
check the smell of product/filling is bad smell? FAILED
pull test in all seams by manually FAILED

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