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Preshipment Inspection > USB Type C HMDI Power Cord Cable Extension Plug Flash Drive Memory Stick Card

Such products like USB Sticks, HMDI Cables, Type C cables, Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, Memory cards are mostly made in Shenzhen, Dongguan in Guangdong. Power Cords, Plugs, extension: Ningbo Zhejiang has very good prices. the pre-shipment inspection will normally check:

  • Labels, markings, logos & barcodes check
  • Measurements & sizes check
  • Product specs, and special requirements check
  • Quantity & assortment verifying
  • Aesthetic, visual defects, workmanship, surface and function check
  • On-site safety, regulation & function testing
  • Packaging, safety and drop tests
memory card inspections

Please find below for an example of a pre-shipment inspection for USB sticks:

Perform a rub test and an adhesive test-Perform the rub and adhesive test on all of printing, marking and logo found on the product: Use alcohol if petroleum spirits is not available for rub test; Use 3M tape for the adhesive test on the silk-screening and painting. -S2  checked on 8pcs  PASSED 
Perform h2 test (software as enclose).- 3pcs -Do this test at the beginning of inspection.  Checked 3pcs  PASSED 
Perform a function test.-II 
1. connect the item to a computer and check readable and writeable. 2. Indicative LED check; 
Checked on all samples  No LED   PASSED 
Data save and delete, format check.-II  -Format check with different files system like FAT16/FAT32/NTFS.....etc.  Checked on all samples  FAT32  PASSED 
Real of fake memory test (transfer files with different computer) -- S1
Full memory check (check max capacity)--S1 - Real or fake memory test--plug USB in one computer, copy some document into the USB, take the USB out and plug into another computer, then check whether the file copied is damaged or missing.
Full memory check-- please really copy files till it's full then verify the files on another computer. 
Checked on 5pcs  8G capacity   PASSED 
Virus check by anti-virus software-II  Write down the software version and update database.  Checked on all samples   PASSED 
Perform a fatigue test for the cap and all adjustable parts.-S2  Operate the item 20times   Checked on 8pcs   PASSED 
Write and read speed check.-S1 
- Verify interface version USB 1.0, 1.1 USB full speed and USB 2.0 USB high speed.
Checked on 5pcs
Writing speed: 3.4-3.6MByte/S,
Read speed: 4.27-4.46MByte/S
Operation system compatibility check.-S1
Windows 98/2k/xp/vista/MAC, OS, Linux, etc.
Checked on 5pcs on Windows 7/ XP/Vista was available  FAILED
Internal workmanship check.-S1 -Check product workmanship, major component: solution IC, flash memory IC, etc. take clear photos.  Factory refused to perform this test  N/A

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