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Preshipment Inspection > for Electric Vehicle Balancing Balance Scooter Skid Steers Skateboard Keychain Flash Light

The on-site inspections for this line of products will mainly check as follows:

  1. Quantity Inspection/Check
  2. Packing Inspections: assortment, carton sealing, tapings, shipping marks, gift boxes and wrappings etc.
  3. Labels, SKUs, Barcodes, Logos
  4. Measurements, Sizes, Weights
  5. Colours, Assemblies
  6. Function & Safety On-site Testing
  7. Visual Defects: Critical Defects, Major Defects, Minor Defects
  8. Special requirements & attentions etc.
inspections scooter inspection

p>please find below for a checklist for Balance Scooter Pre-shipment QC Check Inspection:

Scan for UPC barcode label and master barcode PASSED
Perform hi-pot test-II N/A 
Check the current and power-S2 N/A 
LOAD & short test-II   FAILED
Battery :36V 7.8AH  FAILED
Perform battery charge test.--S1 FAILED
Perform a battery check:
/ Voltage / Polarity / Capacity check/ Voltage as per rating / Polarity as per specifications/Capacity to be checked by running charge and discharge test and record the related curves-S1
Charging Voltage:42V 1.5AH 100- 240V,50/60Hz  PASSED
Lamp:LED Height:120-200cm  PASSED
Maximum loading :120kg PASSED
Tire size :8.5inch轮胎尺寸 PASSED
Max speed:25KM/H  PASSED
Motor rated power:250W  PASSED
Max climbing :15 Degrees PASSED
Check CE or UL label size no less than 5 mm PASSED
Internal performance check. --S1
A. Take a clear photo for the marking for memory IC and Flash IC, battery marking.
B. check the soldering quality on the PCB, there are no soldering ball and soldering residue inside.
C. the live part distributing reasonable inside.
The factory provides relevant international certification PASSED

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