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Lock quality inspection:

For the 3rd party quality inspections for locks, our checking procedures are:

A. Quantity inspection OK
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Labels, logos and colors NOT OK
D. Styles & measurements NOT OK
E. Onsite safety and function tests OK
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual inspections)

There are several types of standard onsite QC checks for locks, listed as below:

lock quality inspection

The checklist for QC inspections of locks are as below:

Perform the fatigue test for all adjustable parts- Do the test 20times- There should be no damage to the item. S2 PASSED
Test all details functions according the instruction manual or the item's packing box.-II PASSED
Please check that number of pieces that the carton label reads, corresponds to the actual number of pieces packed. PASSED
Perform a measurement and weight check. -S2 FAILED
- All labels (like QC Mark, CO Mark, Price Label, Barcode, Warning Mark, & Specification
Label), Hangtag, Instruction Manual, Warrantee Card should be placed/applied on correct
- check the shipping label on the cartons
Product should be compared with the approval sample and client's requirement.-II PASSED
Structure should be firm and free of defects like Uneven Button, Deformation, Gap, Hole, Poor
Connecting Points, Low Rigidity, Low Loading Capacity, Poor Assembly, etc.
Fitting check- check product if it is for some special accessories.-II FAILED
Mark, Burr, Sharp Point/Edge, Rough, Wrinkle, Fold Mark, etc.
- -The product should be clean and free of cleaning defects like Dirt, Smudge, Oil Mark, Rust, Black Spots, Finger Mark, Glue Mark, Peculiar Smell, Foreign Material, etc.
- Product should be intact and free of material defects like Dents, Cracks, Breaks, Burr, Knob,
Mump, Scratch, etc.
- Surface should be smooth and free of appearance defects like Pin Hole, Mold Mark, Flow N/A
Packaging method should be uniform and can protect the products from damage during
ocean/land/air transit.
Assembly test according to the instruction manual/sheet. -S2 N/A
-Products should be easily to assemble and unassemble. The parts or components should not
come off easily.
-check pallet packing
perform quantity and assortment check in each package. -S2 PASSED
Good workmanship and free of defects like Untrimmed Thread, Poor Sewing, Short Shot,
Rough Surface, Poor Polish, Brush Mark, Missing Part, Color Deviation, Poor Finish, Poor
Coating, Poor Painting, Poor Printing, Poor Packing, etc.

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