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Laptop AQL inspection:

How to do inspections to Laptop PCs?

First the IQC, FQC, PQC, and OQC of the factory in-house should already have done their quality control, so our third party inspections on your behalf can only randomly inspect some of the samples:

  1. Quantity Inspection
  2. Packing Inspections: assortment, carton sealing, tapings, shipping marks, gift boxes and wrappings etc.
  3. Labels, SKUs, Barcodes, Logos
  4. Measurements, Sizes, Weights
  5. Colours, Assemblies
  6. Function & Safety On-site Testings
  7. Visual Defects: Critical Defects, Major Defects, Minor Defects
  8. Special requirements & attentions etc.
laptop AQL inspection

As a random example, below is a quality inspection checklist for Laptops/Tablet PC on-site inspections:

Check basic operation.-Make sure the PC can work properly:
-Start up
-Tablet function
- Default program launch
-Shut down-II
Check computer configuration (Internal check)-Based on critical component list provided (BOM)-S1 PASSED
Perform a power input test-As per rated power-II PASSED
*S* Perform an Hi-pot test for adaptor-According to EN 60335-1 standard: 60s at below voltage according to insulation: - 1250V for basic insulation -1750V for supplementary insulation - 3000V for reinforced insulation. Take clear pictures for following information: AC/DC socket, Requested voltage and calibration label-II PASSED
Perform an accessories check-No missing item-II PASSED
Make sure the PC can work properly (Perform Start up - Default program launch - Shut down).--S2 N/A
*S* Perform a pulling test for main supply cable-60N for 1 min: no displacement greater than 2mm and no breakage allowed.-S1 N/A
Perform a battery check:
/ Voltage / Polarity / Capacity check/ Voltage as per rating / Polarity as per specifications/Capacity to be checked by running charge and discharge test and record the related curves-S1
Perform a fatigue test for keyboard/tablet and locker (if any)--S1 PASSED
Perform a continuous running test.-Load PC with software and/or movie reading to reach full load for 4 hours.-S1 PASSED
Perform a rub and adhesive test on printing and marking
-For rub test: The durability of the marking is checked by trying to remove it by rubbing lightly for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with water and, after drying, for a further 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with petroleum spirit/ if the spirit not available, use the 95% alcohol. Expected result: After the test, the marking shall be legible, marking labels shall not be easily removable and they shall show no curling.-S1
Check screen display quality.
- Maximum definition allowed : as per client specifications
- Dead pixel check : only 1 dead pixel allowed (to be reported if found though in defect list)-II
Perform the assembly check if applicable.-S1 FAILED
Perform a basic software check-Check software installation, webcam, WiFi, USB connections, DVD-ROM, etc. -S1 FAILED

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