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Biking products inline inspection:

The PSI Quality Inspections for Biking Products, Electrical Bikes, Bicycles, Riding Knee Pad, Camping Tents, Yoga Mats, and Matress etc.:

  1. Quantity Inspection/Check
  2. Packing Inspections: assortment, carton sealing, tapings, shipping marks, gift boxes and wrappings etc.
  3. Labels, SKUs, Barcodes, Logos
  4. Measurements, Sizes, Weights
  5. Colours, Assemblies
  6. Function & Safety On-site Testing
  7. Visual Defects: Critical Defects, Major Defects, Minor Defects
  8. Special requirements & attentions etc.
biking products inline inspection

A random checklist as example for a quality on-site inspections:

Perform a rub test and an adhesive test-Perform the rub test and adhesive test on any and all printing found on the item-S2 5 pcs See following Passed
Test all detailed functions according to the instruction manual or listed on the gift box 20 pcs See following Passed
Fatigue test for all adjustable parts –S2
(20times at least)
See following Passed
Perform quantity and assortment check in each package One piece per polybag Passed
Perform assembly test according the manual instruction step by step See following Passed
1.- Check type of tire per model:
HT1815 Air wheel
HT1831 Air wheel
HT1940 Solid wheel
HT1900 Sold wheel
All the sample See following Passed
2.- Load test (please see attached file for information) 8 pcs
Testing weight according to the spec.
3.- Check individual net weight (please see attached file for information). Refer to dimension section Failed
4.- Body Size (please see attached file for information). Refer to dimension section Failed
5.- Toe Plate width (depth) (please see attached file for information).
HT1815 : 220
HT1831 : 200
HT1940 : 200
HT1900 : 255
1pcs per style Found actual size as below HT1815 : 215
HT1831 : 200
HT1940 : 200
HT1900 : 253
Check and take pictures of:
Shipping Marks
Packing: 1 pc. Per plastic bag.
Please refer to packing section Passed

3rd party preshipment goods factory onsite final Random AQL PSI TPI FRI DUPRO third party on-site in-line pre-shipment QA QC check quality control assurance services in China India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Taiwan.