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China Inspection

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Factory Audit :

We check out if the factory/Supplier is real and legit. Apraise overall factory manufacturing capabilities, and quality management procedures.

Socially responsible: Environmental safe, no child labor, no prison labor.


  •  A. Factory profile
  •  B. Human Resources
  •  C. Certifications
  •  D. Factoty Facilities and Environment
  •  E. Quality Assurance System F. Incoming Materials Control
  •  G. Process and Production Control
  •  H. In-house Lab-Testing
  •  I. Final inspection
  •  J. Health and Safety

Factory Audit(FA)( ISO9000-based)

  • General Information
  • Factory Coverage & Buildings
  • Employee Division
  • Working Hour
  • Main Production Facility / Machine
  • Manufactory Process Covered in the Audit Process
  • Organization Chart of the factory
  • Business Registration
  • Quality Management System
  • Product Certification / Approvals
  • Company Size Assessment
  • Foreign Trade Capacity
  • Research & Development Capacity
  • Credit or Goodwill
  • Social Environmental Responsibility
  • OEM / ODM Experience
  • Gap Analysis FE focus on if the factory is real exsit and legality.

SA focus on factory’s social Responsibility FA focus on factory’s capacity and technical capability.