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BBQ Grill barbecue Tool Oven Disposable QC check:

The quality QC check preshipment inspections for BBQ products, Grills, Spits, barbecue Tools, Outdoor BBQ wares, Disposable Barbecue Ovens etc. will normally check as below:

On-site safety, regulation & function testing OK
Quantity & assortment verifying OK
Packaging, safety and drop tests onsite OK
Measurements & sizes check OK
Labels, markings, logos & barcodes quality check OK
Aesthetic, visual defects, workmanship, surface and function inspection N/A
Product specs, and special requirements check OK

Our 3rd party onsite inspection types can be below:

BBQ Grill barbecue Tool Oven Disposable QC check

Please find below for a working instructions for BBQ products quality QC check onsite factory preshipment inspections:

Work Instruction-BBQ final inspection

Definition validation and review:

What does the customer expect from this product?

3 to 5 years of use or more
As good as or better than magma and other branded product Durable – resist minor bumps from transport without damage.
Easy to start.
Safe -  won’t cut , burn or harm users.
Maintains temperature, and can get hot enough to cook fish
Cost- expects to pay same or less than comparable branded product.
Use on a boat or in marine environment, that will likely be an unstable, vibrating platform in a corrosive environment, and it must stand up to this abuse.

Design validation and review:
Overall validation of all customer expectations, including:
Is the construction and design durable enough to last for intended lifetime of the product?
Does the product work well in real world use? Easy to mount, start, cook, clean?
Does the design get hot enough?
Is the design safe? Are there any safety features that can be added?
Is there anything we missed in the definition of the product?
Does the design hold up to real world use?
Is the design well documented and tolerance?
Are there any design changes that would reduce the manufacturing cost without compromising the performance?
Are there any design changes that could make the manufacturing process more reliable and repeatable?

Manufacturing validation and review

How do the first manufacturing samples compare to the design prototypes?
Can the process be refined?
Is there any variance in the quality of the product? Appearance, performance, etc. Packaging? Will it hold up to shipping? How can we prevent damage?

Mounts and accessories

Is unit's mounting plate sufficiently stable?
Do all the mounts fit both BBQs?
Ease of assembling to mounts? Tool clearances?
Assemble to all accessories – check for fitment


Assembly, screw heads, etc. Hole locations
Ensure all fasteners are stainless steel and flush
Heat Plate and grill stability
Latches stay in place when BBQ is carried by handle- Loose or easily bent?
Check all rivets and screws – sharp? Polished? Clean? Tight?
Logo – secure, correct, aligned, etc.
Check grill welding
Check spot welding 
Measure all dimensions against production drawings with tolerances.
Does design meet customer expectations?

Is handle and controls touchable temperature is use (Less than 115 degrees F)
Precaution labels and warnings
No sharp edges and corners .All overlaps and seams within tolerances.
Is regulator easy to use and beneficial?
Are lid latches secure?
Do grills fall loose when transported using handles?

Will stainless welds and SS plate rust in a marine environment?
Are there any steel or iron components expected to rust? Or aluminum to corrode?

Heat distribution
Max heat
Flameout & re-light?
Explosion hazard? What happens if flooded with propane and lit with latches down?
Heat Control
Is unit easy to clean?
What happens when excessive food builds up?
Are grills and other removable components easy to Clean, assemble and disassemble

Shelf appearance
Is instruction booklet included?
Proper interior packing –No rattles
Drop test and vibrate to determine if product will come out of box meeting customer expectations Master pack
Does product seem adequately packaged for long distance transit?

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