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Inspection: Cap Hat Flags Cape Wallet Ribbon Napkin Headband Bunting:

What are the pre-shipment inspection checklist for Caps, Hats, Flags, Cape, Wallet, Ribbon, Napkin, Headband, and Buntings etc.?

  • Rub test
  • Packaging, labels and markings
  • Special requirements & on-site testing
  • Measurements
  • Thread ends
  • Stain, mould, odor and insects
  • Fabric defects checking
  • Customer's specs
  • Stitches
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs
  • Color differences and shifting

There are many types of inspections can be named according to the production progress, the most common one is the Final Random Inspections, and you can also have:

cap inspections

The onsite testing points are differ from the products in preshipment inspecions, and our client's special requirements, but find an examples as below:

1. Pull on all metal parts attached to the bag and handle (look, ring, etc.) PASSED
2. Check the seam strength on each part/pocket, especially on the handle or shoulder strap.-II  On 5pcs  PASSED
The importer information label must not be modified either by hand or by extra sticker. -II  On 5pcs  N/A
Count and record the number of stitches per inch. - S1   PASSED
Chek the item for any strong or offensive odors.-II FAILED
The bags must not have strong or bad smell. FAILED
Measure the length of the handle, perform a handle fixed position check. -S2 FAILED
Lift bag handles to check whether the bag is balance horizontally.  PASSED
The handle fixed positions are symmetrical along the middle axis of the bag. Tolerance+/-0.5cm each side PASSED
Fatigue test for all adjustable parts found on each of the sample (i.e., zipper, velcro and snaps.) On 20pcs PASSED
1. Color shading check within the same piece: put the same color parts side and identify the different dye lot. N/A
2. Color shading check among all of the inspected pieces: place them side by side as per picture: color shading check attached" and identify  the different dye lot. if you don't have a grey scale, please print the grey scale of emergency. -II  PASSED

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