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Production Monitoring:

For challenging or high-risk orders, it is recommended to have an inspector at the factory throughout production, monitoring your order and reporting back to you daily the production status and product quality issues so you can identify and direct the factory to fix problems in real-time.

100% finished products full check, or periodically exam the products during the production to make sure as many products as possible are acceptable and defect free.

Report to you daily with pictures, just like you are at the factory yourself.

Mostly for important high-end products, time sensitive, important customers, high value orders.

Production Monitoring

The reasons to do production monitoring:

Good or bad factories have one thing in common: problems can occur at any time and affect production quality. A disorganized factory will typically be more prone to quality issues. But that’s not saying an organized factory is free of quality accidents, setbacks and poor product quality. All factories are vulnerable, especially those working with some complicated products.

Since problems can occur at virtually any point in manufacturing, that might leave you guessing from where certain defects or delays originates. Product inspection at any given stage in the production cycle only gives a snapshot of the product and order status at that time.

But production monitoring, having an inspector at the factory regularly, gives a fuller picture of what’s happening not only at one place, but throughout the factory. In fact, many importers that have continued to have a variety of quality problems at a single factory often insist on production monitoring to help solve them.

  1. Production monitoring offers an inside view of manufacturing
  2. Production monitoring helps prevent delays in delivery:
  3. Production monitoring identifies issues earlier as they occur

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