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third party inspection:

What is a third party inspection?

A third party inspection is to let an unbiased, independent, and specialized 3rd party inspection company, other than the buyers or the seller to perform the inspections, tests of the products. It has great advantage over the cost, skill, experience, overheads, energies, and convieniences.

There are various inspection types for various production stages:

The inspection company will contact the sellers to set up the inspection, confirm the date and address.

There is a standard inspection process defined the sample size, allowed defect rate, and inspection procedures. The sellers can also name their inspection requirements, test requirements, seal some random samples to send to test, or for reference.

The info needed for the inspection would be PO or PI info, packing list, packing requirement, technical drawing, artworks, special requirement, and the seller's contact info.

We are a specialized third party product quality inspection company with operations covered China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh etc.

We will represent you to do inspection on your behalf unbiasedly.

pre-shipment inspection

3rd preshipment products goods factory onsite inline final Random AQL PSI TPI FRI DUPRO on-site in-line pre-shipment QA QC check quality control assurance services in China India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Taiwan.